Akeance Consulting breakfast: the web in real estate

Michel MONDET (President of Akeance Consulting): "Welcome to the Akeance Consulting breakfast, dedicated to real estate and a somewhat broad theme called the "web in real estate? It's concrete! ". We are at the beginning of the evolution of work. We have coworking in the making. We have a need for flexibility, but it's not yet fully implemented. We have managerial organizations that are not yet ready. Buildings that are being constructed and that are themselves evolving. So we can see that all these subjects of telecommuting, coworking, etc... which are the underpinnings of the world of real estate flexibility, are incipient. There is a lot of passion, desire and hope in these debates. There is not yet truly a large volume, a large number and large experiences to bring to the table. "

Amélie LAROCHE TRUONG (General Manager of Nexity Blue Office): " The slightly innovative side, even if we all have it in mind, is that telecommuting in a massive and generalized way is still very timid. "

Michel GROSSI (Head of Real Estate of BNP Paribas): "I think the trend came from the fact that everywhere in companies, we noticed that our spaces were not occupied. Knowing how to better occupy spaces is the telecommuting approach, the "flex" approach. What I find interesting today that can be considered an innovation, a psychological innovation, is the sense of sharing. "

Sophie DESMAZIERES (President of "Today, the 3-6-9 lease does not correspond to the work mode of a young entrepreneur. As a result, they need to find a different real estate offer. That he will actually find in these coworking spaces. It is likely that this corresponds to the beginning of a company's life because as soon as it is structured, it needs stability and indeed, the questions that arise are whether companies will start, start in coworking spaces and grow in premises with classic leases. 3-6-9 ? The 3-6-9 lease is no longer appropriate for the relationships, the real estate that businesses have today. "

Michel GROSSI (Head of Real Estate Assets, BNP Paribas): "The brokerage industry is changing. They are moving from a "transaction" function to a "support" function. The problem we have with brokers is that the method of remuneration pollutes the relationship. Today, it is governed by the Hoguet law and as long as the deal is not signed, the broker receives nothing. This is truly abnormal. "

Sophie POILLEUX (Deputy General Manager Bouwfonds Marignan) : "You can put the most beautiful tools, the most beautiful spaces, if you do not embark your collaborators it cannot function ".

Amélie LAROCHE TRUONG (Managing Director of Nexity Blue Office): "This is also the case at the regional level, which can have a logic of valuing its spaces in a context of increasing urban sprawl to avoid recreating dormitory towns but rather to bring economic activity to where housing is located. "

Michel MONDET (President of Akeance Consulting): "Thank you very much, thank you to our speakers, thank you to all of you for participating in these Akeance Consulting breakfasts that we conduct in the real estate sector, as you have understood, on a regular basis. See you soon I hope and have a good day. "

Mathieu DARRAS (Director International Business Processes Engineering and Control BNP PARIBAS) : " It's always a pleasure to have thoughts on the real estate sector. To be able to take a little time to think about the evolution of the sector".

Adrien ROSPABE (Partner Akeance Consulting): "We can see that investors are asking questions about the offer. How should they design their new buildings to better respond to this emerging demand, even if we don't really know what role it will play in the future? Will supply drive the market or demand? The debate remains open but in any case it has been opened here and in a rather interesting way. "

Michel MONDET (President of Akeance Consulting): "For us consultants at Akeance, the real issue is to try to get people to participate and that we ourselves participate in these debates which are at the initiative of the professions of tomorrow and which are themselves the fundamentals so that we can participate as consultants in the construction of these evolutions.

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