Nominations at Akeance Consulting

Professional advancement is achieved through changes in function. It also very often takes place, for the same or almost the same function, through more remuneration, a change in grade or title. “Technical" progression (in the broad sense of the term, which includes managerial abilities in particular) is accompanied by a reward made up of all or part of its elements of recognition.

In the profession of organization and management consultant, the function changes relatively little. Indeed, the progress in the profession allows to add to the consultant a commercial dimension but without denying nor withdrawing the execution of the profession itself. The gratification by the remuneration is similar to many other companies. The one by the rank does not fool many people...

On the other hand, there is a gratification that is somewhat specific (without being exclusive) to this profession: access to the firm's capital for the "best of us". Becoming a shareholder in a consulting firm implies that you are a good as consultant in fields of production, management and sales. Akeance Consulting is in this logic of gratification. But Akeance Consulting maintains a spirit of enterprise and entrepreneurship that leads to trust earlier, to accept a path that is perhaps less smooth than that expected elsewhere, but more committed, more colorful, more marked. And above all, access to shareholding for current shareholders is essentially a matter of trust for new partners.

This confidence can be read in three ways. It is a basic trust, of course, of honesty, of systematic exchange, of working in full collegiality. It is also a confidence in the ability of the new partners to reproduce, transmit and teach the firm's high standards, the expected quality and the homogeneity of the missions. Finally, it is a confidence in the development. Confidence in the ability to sell new missions, to open new accounts, to integrate specific clients. In short, the arrival of new partners in the Akeance shareholding is not really an additional bonus. It's the beginning of a new professional life, based on trust between entrepreneurs.

It is in this spirit and conviction that Alexandre Coulm, Tiphaine Duriez and Adrien Rospabé were co-opted in July 2016.

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