The spirit of our advisory firm

A mind focused on action and achieving results

Akeance Consulting's values: Make it fast, keep it simple, and trust.
One of the key success factors of any job is transparency.
Collaboration with our clients is based on a simple operating method: “I say what I do and I do what I say…”.
Without dogma or imposed method, our philosophy is to focus on the problems of our customers, in order to respond pragmatically to their expectations and implement optimal solutions.
We favor action while being aware of the time in order to achieve the expected gains as quickly and as simply as possible, and reach the strategic objectives defined.
Our missions range from strategic thinking to operational implementation. We are keen to go "to the end of things", with an appetite for tangible and lasting results.
Real watchwords at Akeance Consulting, high standards and rigor are the two pillars of our missions.

Basically, the spirit of Akeance Consulting is based on three commitments

MAKE IT FAST, that is to say, prioritize action and implementation. The decision principle is based on relative priority of the stakes.
KEEP IT SIMPLE, that is to say, allow companies to achieve expected gains as simply as possible, or achieve strategic objectives.
AND TRUST, that is to say, build a relationship with our clients based on transparency.
These commitments are reflected internally in terms of team leadership.


Each mission is organized arounf one or more consultants supervised by a head of mission. The team is physically present at the customer's premises almost permanently.

This system thus makes it possible, on the one hand, to avoid teams that are too hierarchical and complex (keep it simple) and, on the other hand, to be systematically operational (make it fast). The head of mission is the vector of the firm's skills and methods which allows the optimization of the mission both for the client and for the consultant(s) (trust). This head of mission is a security for client and consultant. Such group allows an optimization of the fees of the mission.


Internally, there are no business units, nor any hierarchical attachment apart from the constitution of a team at a client's premises (keep it simple). This allows greater flexibility in the growth of everyone.

Everyone's progress is individual and does not meet a standard of professional career (trust). Finally, each consultant participates, at his own level, in the development of the firm through market events, commercial approach or training. These participations accelerate the awareness and height of the consultants' view on the entrepreneurial spirit (make it fast).

The progress of the teams is based on three levels. First on a weekly basis, during a situation update for each client within each team, the teams understand and learn their strengths and weaknesses. Then, quarterly evaluations allow a discussion both technical and behavioral, with a first level of perspective on the mission(s). Finally, an annual chat allows personal construction on the profession and the future of the consultant within Akeance Consulting.

Solidarity and mutual aid

The company's commitment as an actor in solidarity between people is no longer a question these days.

For a consulting firm, ecological commitment hardly goes beyond the reflex of using the train to reach Bordeaux from Paris, rather than taking the plane. This is common sense. Likewise, a commitment to reduce paper and ink consumption is just as common sense.

More difficult would be to commit to reducing our footprint on rare metals and the exploitation of children around the world so that we can store our emails and documents in a cloud. Akeance is sensitive to this commitment but it is more difficult to measure.

For the past few years, Akeance has been involved in supporting a Burkinabe community, in Kaya, about a hundred kilometers north of Ouagadougou. Our assistance to these populations takes many forms. A dozen wells have been built in this arid and granite area, which regularly requires drilling nearly 50 meters deep. Schools were also built with toilets and received books and other school materials. In addition, daily Islamist attacks from north to south of the country are pushing populations towards Kaya. Akeance helps with purchase of food, medicine and basic products. At the same time, obsolete office computers and phones undergo a complete technical overhaul before being shipped to Burkina Faso.

Akeance Consulting continues to help this brother community on a regular basis. Without being solicited, our consultants and our clients are welcome in this international mutual aid.