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Our positioning

As we do for all our economic sectors, our support focuses on the management of the company in terms of finance function, treasury, management control or accounting etc. But our offer also covers any type of organizational mission in general.
Our privileged contacts are financial and performance directors as well as general management of medium-sized companies, or sometimes IT management that are responsible for implementing ERP or solutions in general.

Our clients are mainly large or medium sized companies.
Our team is led by two dedicated partners.
Our accompagnying is generally "tailor-made" particularly with regard to the specificities of the company.

Our clients

Our experiences

Strategy & organization

In terms of strategic missions, we have carried out strategic plans and related business plans. We have challenged business plans.
In addition, we supported a group in identifying acquisition targets in Europe.
Organizational missions deal with the review of organizational charts or redesign of processes. They aim at reorganizing and securing the company as well as implementing new tools. These so-called "process" missions (for instance revisions of invoicing circuits or missions about customer knowledge) include sometimes a search for improvement of administrative productivity.


These missions aim to improve the efficiency of management in general and finance in particular.
Missions to review reporting (from masterplans to challenging of existing dashboards) are most common since service providers often have several activities in their portfolios.
Integration of more "physical" and not exclusively financial data is a characteristic of Akeance Consulting's missions.
Missions to support management control services obviously implies a better knowledge / a better control of the margin, the difficulty being often to identify the direct costs by activity within a service group.

Transformation management

Managing transformation itself consists in monitoring organizational projects (resulting from an internal will or following a change in the scope of activity) or information system projects. We have a recognized know-how in project management in both areas, based on proven methods and tools.
Managing the transformation of an organization is linked to the target organization. This is the purpose of Akeance Consulting's missions during the integration of two intermediate size-companies or an intermediate size-company within a group.
Akeance Consulting also has an extensive experience in team reallocation for service providers companies.
Other missions concern the transformation of the company through the implementation of IT solutions, whether it be ERP, software packages, or information system tools in general such as dematerialization solutions, electronic document management, BI solutions, or master data management solutions.
Our missions cover the analysis, the choice and the implementation of information systems and transverse solutions. Our knowledge of the business and associated IT solutions facilitates dialogues with teams in order to meet their needs. Our offer is completed by a change management offer.

Some convictions

Improving the quality of the service delivered to customers almost systematically requires a better internal process within the company.

"It's the tool's responsability! "This is the usual excuse for poor service quality. However, our experience does not always share this adage. In fact, a detailed examination of the process itself quickly reveals areas for improvement, whether it involves modifying the authorizations within a team, integrating more first-level control or even rebalancing customer portfolios within a department.

A lack of knowledge of tools by internal teams is often an obstacle to the good quality of services

The service providers industry is obviously fond of a state-of-the-art information system. Very often, the information system, in addition to a central ERP, is made up of a multitude of applications/ ad hoc tools integrated into the information system. However, within the teams, this or that tool is not necessarily perfectly mastered; all the more when turnover is high.
It is important to underline that any malfunctions and dissatisfactions are not necessarily due to the tools themselves, but rather to the teams' lack of knowledge with the tool.

Our experts


Frank Privat


Thomas Sautier


Frank Privat

49 years old • DESS "Accounting & Financial Audit" Paris-Dauphine University

Main skills:
Starting his career in operations (financial functions at Geodis and Valeo), Frank joined Akeance Consulting in 2005 to develop financial and operational missions in industry and services. Frank has managed numerous financial diagnostics and software selections for industries and service providers. His favorite sectors are transport & logistics, manufacturing and mass distribution.

WHAT HE LIKES ABOUT THE JOB:Complex situations to simplify in order to gain efficiency and speed up time.

Don't be afraid of simple solutions and common sense.

AND WHEN HE’S NOT AT WORK:Sailing, travels, photos, drawings, paintings ... full of passions, ask when you meet him.

HIS FAVORITE APHORISMS:There is hardly a detail that can be overlooked.

Rigor and precision are the components of a demanding nature.


Thomas Sautier

38 years old • ESC Tours / Université Sherbrooke - Canada

Thomas acquired a strong expertise in industrial costing, in process optimization (financial & business) and in leading large-scale transformation projects in the industrial, real estate and financial services sectors. His knowledge of information systems brings him to support our clients from the definition of masterplan to their implementation.

WHAT HE LIKES ABOUT THE JOB:Understand expectations of our customers' for a tailor-made support ... and of quality!

AND WHEN HE’S NOT AT WORK:He improves his swing during a golf course with friends and shares his Haut-Savoyard gene to his children.

HIS FAVORITE APHORISMS:Enthusiasm is at the origin of all progress.

You should never report until tomorrow what you can do the same day.

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