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Our positioning in the real estate sector

Positioned in the real estate sector since its creation in 2004, the firm now has one of the largest teams in the market (see the ranking of the magazine "Décideurs" in the Real Estate section).

We work with all the players in the value chain :

  • real estate companies and private investors ;
  • asset managers ;
  • social landlords ;
  • mixed economy companies ;
  • property managers ;
  • facility managers ;
  • promotors ;
  • real estate departments of large corporations.
As for any corporate, our service offers concern the improvement of performance and the optimization of management functions in general. More than that in the real estate sector, our sectorial knowledge and our know-how allow us to offer our services on the exercise of the real estate professions. In the real estate sector, we respond to all issues of operational strategy, organization, performance improvement and transformation management.
The strength of our experience and know-how allows us to be highly adaptable with our clients and to systematically offer tailor-made solutions.

Our clients

Our experiences


The term "strategy & organization" covers a variety of missions. From the construction of a strategic plan to the governance audit, through the redesign of processes, our missions systematically integrate the active participation of the client's teams. A strategic plan or a master plan cannot be conceived without taking into account the "capacity to do". In the same way, the flattening of the processes of rental management or of monthly accounts or sometimes more precise like the management of the lifting of reserves at the promoters, for example, is not done without the participation of the experts, to take into account the specificities of the customer. In the same way, developing organizational scenarios must take into account the strategy and cultural aspects of the company as well as the constraints of the teams and their skills.
Most of the time, service quality and operational efficiency are the main issue. A better control of risks is often associated with the challenge of these missions.
In the case of real estate players coming together or in the case of outsourcing of activities, all of these issues are at stake. Our support takes them into account.


Performance management missions deal with "numbers".
Some of these missions are related to the business plan, to be built or challenged, to the implementation of cash flow forecasts, or to the improvement of working capital requirements.
For another part, it is about missions which concern the analysis and the follow-up of the financial performance (concerning a profitability part) and "physical" (concerning a quality and productivity part) such as the revision even the installation of dashboards and reportings.
Our strength, based on our experience and know-how both in the real estate business and in corporate functions, is to be able to understand the real estate player as a whole and to optimize its financial and operational performance.


Managing transformation itself consists in monitoring organizational projects (resulting from an internal desire or following an integration or outsourcing of activities) or information system projects. We have a recognized know-how in project management in both areas, based on proven methods and tools.
Management transformation of the organization is directly related to the target organization.
In terms of ERP, software packages or information systems tools (dematerialization solution, electronic document management, BI solution, master data management solution), our missions cover the analysis, the choice and the implementation of real estate information systems and transversal solutions. Our knowledge of the business and the associated IT solutions facilitates dialogue with the teams to meet their needs. Our offer is completed with a change management.

Some Convictions


The real estate sector, among its particularities, presents many competing players, for the same business even if the sizes, the asset classes, the geographies can be different. Our clients therefore regularly ask us to conduct a benchmark. We are very cautious about such requests. Indeed, in the end, few things are really comparable. For example, behind an organization chart, it is necessary to understand the content of the different directions/departments as well as the sharing of responsibilities between the teams in order to appreciate the differences between two actors. We can multiply the examples but we understand that a good benchmark requires a detailed knowledge of the different actors. We have this knowledge, but it is limited by our duty of confidentiality.


One of the main difficulties of these functions is not so much the organization as its legitimacy. In the first place, such a function is centralizing (since it groups all real estate activities) in groups that may be decentralized. The challenge is to build a service offering that will make it possible to provide added value that does not exist locally. The organization will then follow on from this service offering.


The real estate world sometimes tends to exaggerate the omnipresence of certain solutions. Of course, we share the observation that there is a certain concentration on one or another tool that is virtually unavoidable (Altaïx for rental management, PrimPromo and GR'Immo for promotion, Finasset for asset management). Nevertheless, competition exists and it is important to take into account the specific needs in order to analyze the alternatives.

Our experts in the real estate sector


Jérémy Fichaux


Jérémy Fichaux

44 years old • ESEM • LAVAL University (Québec)

Main skills:
Jérémy has more than 15 years of experience that he brings to the benefit of clients of all sizes. He has developed a very strong expertise in the real estate industry. He acts, on behalf of real estate companies, investors, asset managers, property managers, developers or social landlords on high-stakes issues (strategy, organizational transformation, information system).

WHAT HE LIKES ABOUT THE JOB:Gather all the required information to find solutions to the question asked.

Anticipate customer reactions and provide an answer before the question.

AND WHEN HE’S NOT AT WORK:He enjoys reading spy novels and thrillers. As soon as he can, he goes off to enjoy the salty air of the Baie de Somme.

HIS FAVORITE APHORISMS:Pragmatism, common sense and experience rather than a method from the shelf.

Write, say and do things simply, without jargon

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