Our consulting company

The partners

A consulting firm in operational strategy with 60 employees, Akeance Consulting is a consulting organization structured around 8 partners.

Our team of consultants

One of Akeance Consulting's strong assets lies in the origins of the consultants. Indeed, most of our sixty consultants have a background in a corporate firm prior to joining Akeance Consulting. Others started out working as consultants. Finally, our civic commitment involves the hiring of beginners whom we train.

No specific school diploma is over-represented on the team.

The average age is 32 years old, which, compared to the sector, shows the real seniority of the teams.

The “male / female” parity is unbalanced in favor of men. Indeed, the parity itself of the CVs received is in favor of the men.

Turnover, with an average of 10 to 15%, is positive with regard to the sector of activity.

Each person grows up on its own, within a corpus of management rules. The spirit of individual responsibility and collegiality is strong; it reminds everyone of the pleasure and satisfaction of curiosity and mutual aid.