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You have an entrepreneurial spirit. You want to participate in the development of a consulting firm. Join Akeance Consulting.
The first days…
Personal development

We are currently recruiting junior and senior profiles (graduates from a business school, engineering school or postgraduate degree in finance with 3 to 7 years of experience). We are looking for candidates who combine rigor, creativity and initiative, good interpersonal skills with a strong entrepreneurial desire and, ultimately, with an aptitude for commercial development.

In addition to English and French, a third language would be a plus. To apply, please send your CV with a cover letter by e-mail to [email protected] or by mail: Akeance Consulting, 11 bis rue Portalis, 75008 Paris or by using the dedicated form: Submit your application via our form.

It happens on Thursday evening !

Yes ! On Thursday evening, you will meet four people from Akeance! You'll have two interviews with two different Akeance collaborators for each interview.

You'll talk to consultants of your own age as well as partners or heads of missions. During two to three hours, you'll experience an Akeance immersion to learn about our business and the atmosphere at Akeance.

Finally, you will have a third interview with the President, a few days after your Thursday, who will listen to your questions and concerns. Your remuneration will also be discussed on that occasion.

Way of work

Joining Akeance implies a career path that is specific to each collaborator.

Indeed, values of Akeance, in an entrepreneurial spirit, are to allow individual to develop according to his or her own qualities and inclinations, and to constantly progress in a demanding and rigorous way. This means that Akeance does not propose a standard path !


To do this, the first point to emphasize is the absence of objectives within the firm. No employee, nor the firm itself, is subject to any objective (in terms of turnover, contribution to sales, margin, number of employees, etc.). This avoids the hazards associated with objectives: excessive pressure, objectives that quickly become obsolete during the year, partial (or total) inefficiency for a given employee. This does not prevent maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit within the firm.


Beyond the monetary reward, each consultant is accompanied in his or her progression.

This progression is understood under the double sense of the improvement of rigor but also the evolution in the job itself. The consultant is accompanied during each mission with a systematic weekly review that allows the team to discuss the work carried out and to be carried out, and thus assess the quality of the mission's execution.

At the end of the mission (or every three months in the case of a long mission), the consultant is the subject of a technical evaluation, with, of course, a right of response from the consultant. This quarterly evaluation is an opportunity to look at improvements, inaccuracies, but also progresses, and strenghts currently developed by the consultant.

Finally, the end of our fiscal year is an opportunity for a "chat". The term may seem a bit old-fashioned, but we do not wish to carry out an "annual evaluation", as we feel that judging a person is too pretentious. However, it is necessary to have an annual review with the consultant to ensure a good and mutual understanding of the consultant's career. This chat takes place in the presence of a head of mission who knows the consultant particularly well and another consultant (or head of mission, depending on the time this happen) who knows little about the consultant, thus allowing for a real exchange of ideas on all subjects. This discussion results in a manuscript from the consultant, which serves as a basis for the following year's debate.


There are no rules for advancement in this job. Indeed, talents of each individual have very different natures. You have to acquire rigor and high standards, then have a form of expertise that can be diverse, such as a good knowledge of treasury software packages, the transport sector or even banking ALM. Then you need to understand what it means to manage other consultants. Finally, it is necessary to participate more or less actively in developing the firm. This path is long and very diverse. To each his own rhythm; to each his own talent; to each his own success.


What about becoming a partner ? The intangible principle at Akeance Consulting is that the partners are exclusively former consultants of the firm. It is necessary to be recognized for a good work, the capacity to multiply its business and its development, as well as a capacity to sell. Let's add the need and desire from the other partners. Indeed, the trust, the joy of leading projects and the collegiality of an partnership are a prerequisite for the development of the firm.


The good moments

Ah! Good times at Akeance.... We all think about the annual seminar! Every September or October, a seminar brings together all the teams for sharing information, reflection or training, depending on the year. But memories also focus on the evenings, the team games and the activities that are particularly far removed from the daily life of a consultant.

The good times are also those "Friday night drinks", in the English style, where everyone has the opportunity to discuss with colleagues outside their missions.

But good times are also those spontaneous moments of solidarity when a consultant gives a hand to another one during a mission, where someone else will take time to help develop a business proposal. The best part of working at Akeance Consulting is when we are fully aware that we form a great team !

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