A time for imagination...

Yes! we live in slow motion... Economy as well as friendly meetings. The weekend outings as well as monitoring committees. What to do? We have to admit that here and there, many initiatives are taken.

Let’s go, I tell you everything! A friend of mine, Gauthier Herrmann, cellist, founded Artie's to play Mozart in slums of Bombay and elsewhere. During the Covid period, musicians are at a standstill! Gauthier had the idea to launch a crazy race from Ile-de-France to Aix-en-Provence in 13 days. For the first time, we are going to see an entire chamber orchestra (and many other artists) run tens of kilometres per day! Jecourspourlaculture, this is the name of the initiative of an artist to pay tribute to culture in a difficult situation, but more trivially to offer himself and others a moment of creation of a new kind, a day (or 13 days!) of an unusual diversity.

And at Akeance, what do you do? you might ask

Well, first of all, we also run, in Paris, parallel with the first day of Gauthier. The 10 kilometres race (only...) symbolically runs next to mythical places of music and culture in general, such as the Salle Pleyel, for instance.

In another domain, we decided to take advantage of this slow period of time to renew our website. Of course, it was necessary to modernize our site a little, the supports of communication can also get old. But above all, we wish to better highlight our know-how, our skills, our experiences. Because, for years, we have grown, changed, evolved; because our experiences have allowed us to improve our working methods and tools; because our customers have enriched us with new and original experiences.

Our website is not only our showcase, but it is also our catalogue of competences, or rather: our pride in having accompanied more than 200 clients, who have allowed us to build a dedicated offer, adapted to 7 sectors which are manufacturing, transport & logistics, distribution, real estate, financial services, industrial services, and investment funds.

And then, it was an occasion to imagine new offers, new forms of presentation, to think of the future and not mope in the present.

But it wouldn't be better to directly visit our website, You'll see that we've taken pictures in Cassis, in days that are gone...

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