Do not forget to deconfine… the requirement

Everyone will agree: this latest lockdown did not go the way the first one did, the one from March to May 2020. The surprise of the lockdown experience generated something playful. The speed of adaptation has created real pride for all the teleworkers. The hope of getting out of the Covid crisis was a bit naive; we thought we'd be done by summer 2020.

But for this last lockdown, the heart was not in it. Teleworking was more difficult to bear. At Akeance, even though we had "closed" the office, the number of requests for a derogation to be in the office was steady. The remarkable precision of the start and end times of the teleconferences of the spring of last year was no longer there, and we again saw delays, unannounced absences, slowness, and postponement of meetings, just as in the good old days of the previous world. Not to mention some deceleration for the ongoing projects. Not to mention a real slowness in decision making or arbitration. Covid is here; we will have to deal with it and it is a bit sad.

In short, as much as the confinement of a year ago leaves a rather amused memory even if there was a teenager side to this experience, this last confinement leaves a taste of not very satisfactory.

Of course, no one is mad at anyone but no one is very proud of this last experience.

Let's wake up! Wake up the pride of a job well done! Wake up the desire for "good work"! Wake up the joy of a quality achievement! Let's create a "desire pass" like we create a health pass!

Let's rediscover the rigor of the previous world. But more than that: the flexibility that videoconferencing now allows us to do even better. Let's be on time. Let's be faster and more efficient. Let's be more positive. Let's rediscover the desire to be happy with ourselves.

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