Telework and dematerialization

What strategy to streamline processes?

With the current health crisis and the generalization of telework, the dematerialization issue has been put back on the agenda. Companies have responded urgently to the need to ensure business continuity with the massive deployment of video conferencing solutions. In the last week of April, Microsoft Teams had 75 million daily active users, up from 44 million six weeks earlier.

However, the ability to conduct remote meetings is not enough to ensure optimal operational efficiency. The dematerialization of processes is a powerful performance lever for organizations, provided that the right choices are made. Indeed, it is not simply a matter of identifying a service provider or implementing software.

What is dematerialization?

What are ADL, OCR and RAD technologies?

  • ADL (Automatic Document Reading): a set of technologies (mainly OCR, ADR) allowing to ensure a digital processing of a physical document ;
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) : technology allowing the conversion of an image (scanned document) into a text document ;
  • The ADR (Automatic Document Recognition): technology allowing to identify the document model corresponding to a digitized physical document (invoice, mail, RIB,...).

First and foremost: define a dematerialization strategy

  • What is the priority area for dematerialization within your company?
  • What level of dematerialization should you aim for?
  • Is it appropriate to outsource certain stages of dematerialization?
  • Which tools should be used for the project (workflow, EDM, ERP, software package)?

Faced with these challenges, AKEANCE CONSULTING will help you define your dematerialization strategy by identifying the scenarios that will offer the best cost/results ratio.

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