Nice summer! And get vaccinated!

That's it! We breathe a bit… Bars and restaurants are open, Bermuda shorts stroll on sidewalks and sunglasses spread the images of Epinal… Summer, the real, the normal, is back. Well, let's take advantage of it!

Ah yes… there is still this variant which annoys us… It is true, it bothers us a lot. So let's get vaccinated! But some don't want to. Why? Because: “we do not touch the integrity of the body”. Because: “we do not have hindsight on this type of vaccine”. Sometimes we have nothing against the vaccine, but we are against its potential compulsory nature. In short, we are against!

And, in our profession? There is no risk of human death in this profession, you will tell me. Of course, but we can compare our profession to this vaccine business.

We are here to promote and disseminate innovation. The role of "ferryman" is major among consultants. We are accelerators of progress. A new method, a new offer in such and such solution… The novelty is a subject of celebration.

As for Akeance teams, they systematically wish to be confront to what is not their comfort zone, to rub shoulders with novelty, to put their brain in the face of the risk of the unknown.

You could say that Akeance consultants make the imbalance of their professional life compulsory, by moving from mission to mission, from head of mission to head of mission, from client to client… The danger does not exist. Everyone is looking for growth through the diversity of experiences.

In short: nothing in common with our vaccine business! But many opposite similarities ... And we could say that, at Akeance, the whole team is vaccinated against monotony...

In the meantime, nice summer!

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