Recruiting during lockdown?

The flexibility of our teams, the quality of our work, and the loyalty of our clients allowed Akeance Consulting to maintain its activity during the lockdown. Akeance Consulting did not resort to short-time work and did not impose any days off on its employees.

Nevertheless, the question of recruitment arose in mid-March: should the processes be continued or not? What about current candidates in process? Launch new processes? The answer was not long in coming! Of course, we continued our recruitment!

We maintained our principle of having candidates meet two pairs of consultants. And we experienced different situations.

A new consultant joined the team on March 23, in the middle of a lockdown! The videoconference allowed us to optimize this integration between Paris and the seaside, where the newcomer was lock downed. Other processes were carried out during this period. And we recruited, for some, exclusively from a distance. Others wanted to have a face-to-face interview with at least one or two collaborators. In short, the pace of the recruitment process was maintained.

In the end, we came out of this period of confinement with a dozen newcomers in May and June, which strengthened our teams by more than 10%.

Not only are we seeing a continuation of activity, but we are also seeing new priorities emerged from here and there with our clients. For example, projects concerning cash flow forecasts, EDM (electronic document management) projects and process reviews are emerging. All of these projects are the direct result of our clients' experience during this period of lockdown.

We are therefore expecting significant growth in activity in September. This is why we hope to reinforce our teams with a dozen additional collaborators for the beginning of September.

And if you are interested in applying, do not hesitate!

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