“Tele-hello” to all!

It has arrived! Certainly, in a particularly sad context, but it has arrived, the digital world in real size! With generalized teleworking, systematic e-collaboration and video-conferences of all kinds.

Of course, we are not going to be delighted in any way with this context. It is a disaster of an unknown magnitude. However, I would like to tell you how positively astonished I am about the efficiency of how we adapted to remote working in two or three days. Before these days, we had obviously all experimented teleworking, video-conferencing ... but considering our new situation, all this seemed like behavioural gadgets, easiness to avoid a trip to Morocco or to keep a collaborator close to his child. Now, it is the whole professional life that relies on the remote world, digital or otherwise. We can see that remote access to information systems were not necessarily designed for so much access. Some systems are falling down and IT teams are working hard to strengthen these access systems. So remote working has never been seen as a true alternative way of working on a large scale.

Life has changed. And fast.

The speed of adaptation at Akeance and its clients is impressive! Two days to make such a transformation. You'd think that consultants, who are natively nomadic, would be used to this professional modus operandi. Not that much. But the requirement and the rigor on the missions served for a fast adaptation. Congratulations to our entire team for such a quick adaptation! Likewise, our clients were impressively quick. These large groups, which are often criticized for the slowness of their decisions, arbitrations and other statements, only needed two days to transform all their teams into remote teams. Of course, there are the famous BCPs - Business Continuity Plans - but the implementation was amazing. Forget the glitches, bandwidth overload and other connection difficulties. Hats off to all our customers for this efficiency!

In adversity, the lesson is that the world of consultants and the world of clients is equally efficient. Thank you life! And be well!

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