Akeance Consulting assists Bienpré in the acquisition of Primaliance

Bienpré, a major player in the field of brokerage, wealth management and advised distribution of financial investments performed the acquisition of Primaliance, previously owned by Foncia. Primaliance is a platform specialized in information, advice and distribution of shares in real estate investment companies and Real Estate Collective Investment Schemes.

This acquisition allows Bienpré to complete its service offer for its customers. By acquiring a pioneer in the distribution of paper-based real estate, which offers its customers exhaustive information on this market and distributes a selection of more than 85 real estate investment companies and 14 Real Estate Collective Investment Schemes, directly or through life insurance, the Bienpré group becomes a major player in the French savings market. Akeance Consulting assisted Bienpré in this operation.

Beyond the obvious strategic relevance of the two entities' respective markets and the complementarity of their teams and cultures, Akeance Consulting naturally brought its expertise to the analysis of the acquisition target as such. But the added value of Akeance Consulting also lies in the importance given to the operational side. It is even the "trademark" of Akeance Consulting.

This means that operational synergies have been analyzed, measured, and put into perspective over time to identify short, medium, and long-term gains. These synergies are related to governance and support functions, as in any deal, but in this case they are largely due to each other's contribution in terms of "upstream" digital marketing. The new group's capacity to develop new clients is increased tenfold.

This also means that Akeance Consulting, even before the deal was finalized, worked with Bienpré's founder-managers, Jonathan Levy and Vincent Cudkowicz, to develop a target organization for the new group and an integration path for the two entities. The shared objective is to create a new united team while respecting two clearly identified brands in the market.

About Bienpré

Bienpré, a specialist in financial investments and wealth management advice, founded in 2008, manages nearly 230 million euros of savings and has 2,200 individual and corporate clients. Based in Paris, the company also has offices in Aix-en-Provence, Nantes, Lyon and Bordeaux.

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About Primaliance:

Primaliance, founded in 2010 by Philippe Vergine and Benjamin Slomka, is the pioneer of French real estate brokerage portals specialized in the distribution of real estate investment companies and Real Estate Collective Investment Schemes units in open architecture. Primaliance distributes more than 85 real estate investment companies and 14 Real Estate Collective Investment Schemes. In 2019, the collection reached €63 million.

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About Akeance Consulting:

Akeance Consulting, founded in 2004, operates in the areas of operational strategy, including M&A activity for SMEs. The firm has about 60 consultants, mainly in Paris but also in Brussels. To contact us: [email protected]

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