Study on big data in real estate: a type of asset to optimize

The term "digital transformation" is simple to understand. It was born out of the fact that digital tools are now essential in companies. They are shaking up work habits, service offers and also the ability to manage one's company. Big data is an aspect of digital transformation that is still poorly understood in France. However, if digital transformation can be summed up, in many ways, as a modernization of the company, Big Data could lead to an upheaval of a different scale. Will certain jobs change? If so, in what scale?

Based on our experience as consultants specialized in the real estate field, we wanted to measure the potential of Big Data and identify opportunities for various real estate professions. To achieve this, we relied on extensive research in France and abroad to identify companies that have taken advantage of Big Data. The result is a mapping of opportunities offered by Big Data, illustrated by concrete examples from a business perspective; a sort of tree structure of service offerings related to Big Data in real estate.

Our study does not claim to be exhaustive. However, each of the main real estate professions will find concrete illustrations of the impact of Big Data on their activity.

This work shows that, whatever the position of real estate sector players in the value chain, data is now, more than ever, a major issue. The sector is familiar with the notion of asset management: creating value from an asset by mobilizing different levers. The transposition of this logic to the specific type of asset that is data opens up important perspectives. However, there is still a long way to go.

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