The heart of our mission is moving ...

The confinement immediately implied a reorganization of our missions, within our own teams and within our clients. The “move”, as we say today, was impressive. In two or three days, tele-work had definitely been defined as a rule over face-to-face. I take my hat off to all Akeance teams and our teams customers for such efficiency!

But what about our missions?

First of all, this reactivity made it possible to maintain all our missions. In fact, almost none of them stopped or was suspended. The tools (Skype, Teams and other Loopups) have a lot to do with it, but above all, everyone willingness to want to continue the activity of the projects is essential. No matter what, professional life continues. There are, however, three types of project.

Very structured, large-scale projects that are "on going" can hardly be put on hold. A sort of “ocean liner effect”. Of course, VPN connections are not always the only solution, but somehow these projects continue.

Other projects come to serve other teams. Within a corporate or an ETI, the teams dedicated to the functions currently known as “non-essential” should not feel neglected. It is important to view these teams with the same regard as any other team and to maintain certain projects with that in mind. This is how we have just sold our latest assignments, on behalf of so-called support functions within large groups. Professional solidarity for all the teams: this ranges from a choice of software package to improving control processes...

Finally, here and there we see peaks of activity or transfers of activity from one team to another among different clienteles. Cash flow forecasts immediately became under the high lights, for example. Likewise, “business” services such as associated back offices within banks are increasing in activity. Akeance offers its services for these recently expressed needs. Our experiences and expertise allow us to be immediately operational, even remotely. Some of our customers appreciate it.

But let's not forget the essential: take care of yourselfl!

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