Happiness is decided!

Well.... this period is really getting more and more complicated! The hope is fading to see the daily figures of positive tests and entries in resuscitation decrease, in a modest acceptance of a "high plateau" of bed occupancy. The slowness decisions is no longer to be demonstrated and we are satisfied with this... We must admit that everything is becoming blurred. The concept of telework has become unclear: between holistic and individualism. Barrier gestures are maintained, except sometimes. Videoconferences are less rigorous than in the spring...

Even if most of us are lucky, free from illness, we have nevertheless entered a period of more or less great acceptance of sadness and boredom. A kind of "soft unhappiness" that has fallen on us like an English winter smog.

What if we react? What if we decide to see the glass half full? And why do you ask? Well, precisely because most of us are not sick. Because we can continue to work and even meet our buddies! Because we should be proud of our ability to adapt to everything, of our atavistic flexibility in front of different situations. We should also be proud of the tolerance shared by all the client teams as well as within the Akeance teams, in face of imperfections linked to the general situation. We can be satisfied to welcome new clients and to start new missions.

So, yes, we have decided to see the glass half full! We continue to recruit. We continue to lead our training sessions, our coordination meetings and other committees. We continue to set an ambition on development, both in terms of sales and in terms of growing our teams. We are not fans of objectives - especially quantitative ones - but we all share this desire for more and better in our professional lives.

Because happiness, yes, is a decision!

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