Let’s not put on lockdown the ability to decide!

Every company and every employee has experienced the first confinement in their own way. Each one has its own lessons to learn. But, at the time of the second (should I say second?) lockdown, there is one that is regularly shared: it is the difficulty to decide from a distance.

Indeed, as much as the implementation of telework on March 15 was very surprisingly efficient, both technically and in terms of teams, the duration of several weeks of telework led to some less positive observations. The "technical bilateral" meetings were not a problem. The "workshop" type meetings were also easy to organize, even if it is difficult to ensure the good and complete participation of each actor from a distance.

So-called "validation" meetings become more difficult to hold from a distance, as consensus-building through looks and non-verbal communication is not possible. This is the first handicap to teleworking in our profession. However, all our projects are made up of progress points to be validated, points to be confirmed or prerequisites to be accepted. And when it comes to "decision" meetings, teleworking does not seem to be very suitable. To tell the truth, I hadn't imagined it before the first lockdown. But it is true that decisions involving teams, budgets and resources have almost systematically been postponed indefinitely or, at best, to later video conferences.

So, during this time, let's get back to teleworking as quickly and efficiently as we did in the spring. But let's make sure that decisions are made. These are tough economic times. One way to make them more effective is to avoid the trap that many of us fell into in the spring: let's make decisions!

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