treasury consulting

Our positioning in treasury consulting

In terms of treasury missions, our interlocutors are not only treasurers but just as much the financial departments. Our clients are large corporates, medium and small-sized companies.

Approach and content

Akeance Consulting's offer "Corporate Cash Management Consulting" addresses different types of support.
Some missions aim directly at optimizing cash flow: the creation of cash pools and netting are significant examples. The implementation of cash flow and cash flow forecasts, which involves optimizing processes from purchases to collections, is another illustration.
Similarly, some missions aim to optimize the payment chain by creating a "payment factory" or setting up "reverse factoring" or even reorganizing a collection service.
The optimization of working capital, an offer from Akeance Consulting, is part of this process of optimizing cash management.
Obviously, related tools are subject of missions at Akeance Consulting both for choice phases and the management of the implementation of the tool, whether it is TMS - Treasury Management System - or cash flow forecasting tool.

Some convictions


Akeance Consulting's experiences lead us to note the lack of cash flow forecasts within SMEs but also relatively significant mid-sized companies, where it seems that cash flow is more "suffered" than "controlled". The current operations and the maturities of the debt generate dead ends from which we will have to get out of it ... Based on this observation, we are stepping up our development on this type of offer.
Within large corporates (and also some mid-sized companies, of course), cash flow forecasts exist. On the other hand, it is often a matter of summary monitoring of the flows initiated in the various functions of the company.
The difficulty lies more in synthetizing and revising the end-to-end processes of services involving cash flow. For instance, the inclusion of year-end rebate or any quantity discount is rarely effective in the cash flow forecast tables.


“Profit is an opinion. Cash is a reality ! » Does this adage make a treasury department more autonomous, nobler than others? It does not matter and above all let’s not pass judgment. But it is true, from experience, that the animation of transversal missions within different departments related to the treasury function will appear to be more sensitive than in other areas. However, optimizing cash flow very often involves optimizing upstream and downstream the cash function itself...

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