Information systems transformation

Our positioning on information systems transformation

Our contacts are very often business departments for missions dealing with the choice and implementation of IT solutions. However, it is sometimes the IT system department, particularly in the case of medium-sized companies who is our contacts for this type of mission. In all cases, our method combine our knowledge of the business and the associated IT solutions.
Moreover, IT and information systems are in general themselves a business that Akeance Consulting addresses like any other business for the purpose of accompanying the governance and IT strategy of a group or a medium-sized company.

Approach and content

The approach is obviously specific to the choice of the tool, the implementation or the strategy / governance of information systems.
But some common features can be drawn. First, the precision of the scope concerned is major in an information system project, whether it concerns business solutions or more strictly IT related matters.
Then, regarding information systems, every detail matters. Here again, this is true both for the solutions and for the IT function itself.
Finally (and perhaps most importantly), whatever the subject, porosity between operational business lines and information systems is increasingly obvious. Whatever the mission, this fact must be considered at the start of the work.

Some convictions

Porosity between businesses and information systems must not erase the principles of project management

One of the basic principles of project management is that the project manager is the 'end' customer, for instance the financial director for the choice of an ERP or the human resources director for the implementation of an HRIS.

This principle struggled to impose itself a few decades ago, but now it is once again challenged in the name of the porous nature of the business lines and sometimes even by the so-called methods that negate the common sense of this principle.

The precision of words is key

Some say "a theme", others "a domain" or "a project", etc. In short, information systems projects require, perhaps more than others, the definition of a common language for all the stakeholders. This is why Akeance Consulting develops a "glossary" shared by all at the beginning of the work.

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