Strategy Consulting

Our positioning  in strategy consulting

Akeance Consulting is aimed at executive management for small and medium-sized companies. Those small and medium-sized companies may belong to large corporations but they are autonomous enough to be able to entrust us with strategic support missions. Our positioning is to approach strategic issues through “operational capacity to do” (see Approach and content) and strongly values operational synergies, operational roadmaps and other means.

Approach and content

There are three types of strategic support missions.

Business plan construction or challenge of a business plan confirm, behind financial figures, the operational capacity of the client to deliver the underlying figures: capacity to sell, to hire, to invest, etc.

Missions for acquisitions / disposals of a corporate are in the same spirit. Searching for a target or drafting an “informational memorandum” will highlight the operational aspects of the company. Practically, this means adding to the arguments of market positioning some arguments regarding internal or operational specificities: quality of the IT system, performance of an international sales team…

Supporting missions for subcontracting or pooling of activities (shared service center for an industrial company, subcontracting of rental management for a real estate company, creation of an EIG for several mutual insurance companies…) naturally deal with the economic relevance and expected financial gains but they also emphasise the future modus operandi between these activities and the rest of the company, taking into account the risk of a lower quality (increasing number of errors, potential corruption…).

In simple terms, our strategic missions, beyond the financial stakes, also value the operational and human stakes.

Some convictions

Value of SME’s fades away relatively to the sustainability challenges of teams and customer service offer.

Without saying that the sale price does not count for the owner of an SME, we see that the concern for the future of the teams and the services provided is valued just as much and probably more than in the case of large deals. Perhaps this is the reason of a certain reluctance from SME’s towards investment funds.

A more positive reason might be a good knowledge of market players by managers, which quickly leads to the elaboration of merger scenarios (either purchase or sale of business).

A business plan must be supported by an operational roadmap

Especially for the immediate 18 months of a Business Plan, the operational roadmap is key. Indeed, a business plan is too often a strategic board with no operational impact and remains a pious hope. Whether it is a business plan for growth or for decline, in case of difficulties, it is necessary to describe the associated operational consequences in an action plan or a roadmap.

Goals are not the expression of a dream, they must be achievable.

Strategy is often confused with wishes and desires. The construction of a strategic plan or a business plan must remain realistic and present achievable objectives. This is why Akeance Consulting approaches this type of mission from the angle of “doability” which therefore often limits ambitions but makes them more realistic and probable.

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