Performance consulting

Our positioning in performance consulting

Support missions dealing with figures and performance originate from general management, financial management and management control or performance directors. Akeance Consulting is contacted by companies of all sizes, regardless of their activity (manufacturing, services....).

Approach and content

Whatever the mission, in terms of figures and performance, it requires a dual competence, namely a good knowledge of business management in general and accounting in particular, as well as a good knowledge of data and the articulation of databases.
Akeance Consulting teams have these skills.
Indeed, these missions address four major concerns: margin analysis and management control in general, cost price, reporting and company management, as well as budgeting and budget follow-up.
Regardless of the nature of the mission, the work is based on specific methods that combine data reliability and execution processes.
Finally, IT tools are more and more integrated in the missions, let it be the choice of an IT tool or the management of its implementation.

Some convictions


The reconciliation of two dashboards, the estimation of a margin, etc., regularly make us go on thinking that "there is a mistake". In truth, there is not necessarily "an error" but the data is wrong due to a different definition in another table, a capture in a third database updated differently or due to a difference of the scope from one reporting to another.
In short, the analysis of the figures implies a diagnosis of the data's tracking mechanism to ensure the homogeneity and reliability of the underlying process. In the end, the data is simply the result of management rules (scope, calculation method, etc.) and of capture, aggregation and restitution processes.


The particularity of numbers is their ability to talk ! This figure is interesting; its average is very interesting; its combination with another figure is really interesting... Now, beyond what is interesting, what is useful?
This excess of not really useful information very often results in an excess of redundant (and heterogeneous) dashboards, margin analysis in all directions but which ultimately explains very little the reasons of its evolution.
Worse, a change of method or the addition of new aggregates/data disrupts previous reports or previous margin elements to the point of no longer being able to compare data over time.

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